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We provide high-performance IT services that help your business to innovate and meet the ever-changing challenges of today’s digital world. Based on your strategic objectives, we focus


Our messaging services guarantee the delivery of traffic through legal channels and its monetization, while the established network of contacts with businesses and our expertise in SMS business

OCEAN fund

Our focus on clearing the ocean does not begin and end with our own operations. We are using our influence and technology to inspire and enable broader action against the ocean pollution


TELEWHALE Ltd. - Telecommunication & IT Service Provider that enables SMS aggregators, OTTs, MNOs, MVNOs and Enterprises to easily integrate SMS interactions into their business, and develops IT projects based on ML and AR technology. We expect significant productivity gains through collaboration and service improvements, while providing world-class service to our customers.

TELEWHALE LTD established in 2020 by a group of experts already experienced in telecom industry for more than 15 years in an effort to ensure that you receive unique cost effective solutions with guaranteed quality and level of support for you and your company’s communication needs.

Through our partnership with the major international operators, we have gained great experience in the provision and development of SMS and IT Services.

Sustainable development worldwide

We strive to help the Ocean CleanUp project to rid the oceans of plastic and direct 5% of our margin to fund it

Turquoise level of consciousness

Turquoise is a term describing the 7th level of consciousness, a so called ‘Free Individual’. The person who achieves that level has an open and tolerant mindset and expects a partnering attitude and an appropriate work-life balance from the world and/or the company one works for

Courage and Innovative

We are honest, ethical, genuine and constantly open to new ideas and opportunities.

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