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To use Digital Marketing cost-effectively, enterprises are required to implement efficient IT solutions and automations. However, appropriate knowledge, support and creativity is called upon from leading Digital communication and IT services providers, such as TeleWhale Ltd.

TeleWhale Ltd. is in the trade to SOLVE your problems, helping You to save huge amounts of money and, together, transform how your Digital communication operates.

Digital Marketing
TeleWhale Ltd. — Innovative and Tailor-made services to Your specific needs. For scalable, accurate, cost-effective and inclusive corporate Digital strategies!

Digital Marketing Services

A2P SMS, BULK SMS Services

A2P SMS and Bulk SMS campaigns in a blink of an eye. Dispatch large volumes of bulk SMS messages via multiple direct connections, high-quality Routing over first-rate global communication Mobile operators, and state-of-the-art user-friendly services. Consents sending personalized and instant SMS messages to over 200 countries. Reach millions of recipients within speed, accuracy, high delivery rates, customizable Sender ID and messages, campaign scheduler, Two-way Messages, etc.

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2-WAY SMS Services

A service that enables a 2-way marketing/transactional conversation between a platform and a consumer. Integrates outbound/inbound Text messaging into a unified service. Entitles consumers to reply at an SMS and for businesses to initiate meaningful interactions for serious relationship-building opportunities. Contact customers on appointments, promotions, feedback, events, invitations to join VIP programs, or even surveys. Two-way SMS is effortless and essential in keeping consumers satisfied.

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WhaleCom Omnichannel Platform

An innovative, user-friendly Web Messaging service for enterprises. Provides full automation SMS operation capacities within quick configuration steps. Sends simple or Bulk SMS campaigns to selected consumers by text input, contact lists upload and immediate or scheduled transmission. Embellished with detailed reports, accurate statistics, Blacklist options, Templates and Contacts management. Interconnected to numerous state-of-the-art Omnichannel features and channels, such as SMS, RCS Business Messaging, Viber, and WhatsApp. Using the Fallback function, the optimal cost strategy of any Marketing campaign is fully gained, combining all or any of the available communication channels, from low cost to premium cost, eliminating individual charges of repetitive communications via multiple channels.

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WhaleMail - Email Messaging

Bulk Marketing and Transactional Email campaigns within a user-friendly and cutting-edge application. Bulk Email campaigns creation and management broaden up with numerous functional features, templates, and detailed statistical analysis, all related to corporate Email operations and fully GDPR compliant.

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Email Verification

Email Verification allows to validate thousands of emails and avoid “red-flag” addresses that send messages to the spam folder. It also eliminates typos, misspellings, role emails and spam traps in a quick and efficient way. Email Verification will lower email bounce rate, save money, improve sender's reputation, and increase subscribers’ engagement rate.

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RCS Business Messaging

Android version of Apple’s iMessage. A blend of WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Email, and WeChat. Engages audiences via interactive bidirectional SMS messages. Maximizes the level of service and consumer satisfaction. Boosts the native Mobile messaging experience with enriched multimedia, suggested replies, call-to-action buttons (CTA), branding, extended metrics, Live read/type indicators, interaction with native apps (Maps, Calendar, Wallet, etc.), geolocation, etc. RCS Business Messaging relies on availability/compatibility with regional network providers.

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Viber Business Messages

Interactive Bulk bidirectional Viber business communication messaging service, inclusive of advanced connections with consumers, branding options, engaging ads, and multimedia content diversity usage such as Photos, links, emoticons, etc. Delivers personal experiences to accelerate the buyer journey. Engages prospects and retains customers.

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WhatsApp Business Messages

Engage audiences, accelerate sales, drive superior customer support on a platform with more than 2 billion global users. Exciting interactions strategies via messages and chats enriched by Audio, Photos and Videos. Mobile Marketing campaigns enhanced in real-time. Attract more prospects by sending mass notifications. Follow up with customers on abandoned carts to complete purchases. Improve consumer bonds with parcels arrival or delivery information. A greater experience to support customers wherever they are, whenever they need it most!

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HLR Lookup & Number Validation

Real-time inactive/invalid phone numbers verification and Database cleaning. Reduce messaging costs and failed SMS campaigns probability. Avoid communications to outdated phone numbers and contacts. Save time and money by dispatching Mobile Marketing campaigns to active contacts only.

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Flash Calls

A flash call is a near-instant dropped call that is automatically placed to a mobile number, usually as part of an authentication process known as flash call verification. By default, there is no termination fee charge for the call as it is not answered and is simply recorded as a missed call in the phone’s log. Flash call verification is used as a cost-effective authentication solution and is particularly popular in countries where SMS and mobile phone calls are comparatively expensive.

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Corporate Digital Communication & IT Consultancy

Having implemented thousands of corporate communication campaigns, TeleWhale Ltd. extended proficiency endows to analyze the Digital needs of its global partners, forge their consumers’ profile (buyer persona) and, together, develop the most suitable strategies. Such as, TeleWhale Ltd. ensures that all its corporate partners gain maximum performance, at a minimal cost.

— Detailed analysis & assessment of all corporate Digital needs
— Evaluation & selection of the most appropriate tools
— Design of campaigns & resources for each medium
— Strategies & optimization within each tool
— State-of-the-art Omnichannel solutions & IT services

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