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RCS: The Ultimate Replacement of SMS

About three decades ago, SMS changed the way we communicate; today, it is out-of-date because communication has evolved beyond mere texts. To rescue SMS in this regard, Rich Communication Services (RCS) offers a seamless option. RCS development upgrades SMS with interactive features, rich media and analytics. No installation or download is required as RCS is built directly into the native messaging app. Though RCS is supported by Android and Windows, its market awareness is low and it’s currently not supported by iOS. That said, RCS remains the evolution and ultimate replacement of SMS. It is a great option with messages that offer more customer engagement opportunities than SMS.

Some of the features of RCS include the following:

  • High Resolution Images
  • Analytics and insights from data
  • Integrated Customer Experience
  • Video Calls, Maps, etc.
  • Group and cross platform messages
  • Verified messages and read receipts
  • Up to 8000-word character limit

By leveraging RCS, businesses and individuals stand to gain amazing benefits which include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Get branded messaging experience
  • Receive boarding passes
  • Promote B2C interactions
  • Get package delivery notifications
  • Help customers book appointments
  • Receive credit fraud alerts
  • Execute and submit surveys

Made by Mainrasha