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Ocean Fund

About the problem

Plastic in the ocean kills not only fish and turtles, even whales can't stand it.
At least 26 species of cetaceans today feed on plastic garbage. In 1993, in the stomach of a young pygmy sperm whale that died in Texas, garbage bags, bread packages, bags of chips and pieces of plastic film were found-the, a beaked whale washed ashore in the Philippines, where 40 kilograms of plastic were found inside, including 16 rice bags, 4 bags and bags for storing food shopping. The stomach can not digest the packages and packaging. They accumulate in the body and kill the animal.
The large amount of garbage that was inside only one whale demonstrates how acute the crisis associated with the disposal of plastic waste has become in the world.

About support

We are concerned about the global nature of the environmental problem, so a portion of the proceeds is donated to a non-profit dedicated to clean oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one of the largest accumulations of garbage in the ocean. It is formed by ocean currents that gradually concentrate the garbage thrown into the ocean in one area.
Approximate estimates of the area range from 700 thousand to 1.5 million km2. This site contains more than one hundred million tons of garbage.
Today, 80% of the garbage that enters the ocean is thrown out from land, and the production of plastic in the world is constantly growing: 20 years ago, 213 appeared annually.
millions of tons, and now this figure is approaching the mark of 400 million.

Contribution to sustainable development

The company uses reusable bamboo eco-glasses and all products made from recycled materials.

About volunteering

To promote the environmental initiative, our employees take part in volunteer projects. The founders go to the garbage collection points from the beaches, help with the cleaning of the ocean. We provide active assistance to organizations that are engaged in solving environmental problems.
This is a great contribution to the environment, which we value and support.

Made by Mainrasha